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RentYourSelf is a mobile app, through which you can find a job or a brigade in your neighborhood or even find the brigade abroad. Install RentYourself, create an attractive offer of what you know or you are able to do, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks, and your future employer will find you.

Is your work your hobby? Would you like to do what you like? RentYourself will help you to find the work of your dreams. Just register for free and create the job offer you are looking for, the work you enjoy, or the job you are good at. Finding the brigade or the job has never been easier.

The mobile application RentYourself will help you to find an employee or temporary help for jobs that you may not have the time for. Find a craftsman around you, a cook, a mechanic, a waiter or a gardener, and many more, in a single app for iPhone and Android.


for which you will love RentYourself.

Attract with your offer

Upload an interesting picture, add unique text for a great price and simply earn on your skills.

Offer YourSelf

Take a picture of the outcome of your work and offer it to the world by simply adding an offer. The more attractive your add is, the higher your chance of success is.

Travel and earn!

Your offers will still travel with you. Wherever you log in, your offers will be shown to everyone nearby.

Don´t just sit at home

Turn RentYourself on anywhere you are and reach out to its wide range of users. The chance of raising earnings will increase severalfold.

Share your offer

You can send your offers at any time to your friends or show the world directly from RentYourself

Let them know about you

Sharing the offers on Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks is a matter of a few clicks. The more people learn about your offer, the more you can earn.

Love at first sight

Do you love someones´offer, but it still travels with the user? Add it to your favorites and you will not lose it anymore.

Maybe also at second sight

If you are satisfied with some users, you can always add them to your favorites and use their service anytime you want. By one click, you will unmark it again.

Quick Deal?

Interesting offer and you want to use it? Chat with the other users quickly and without restrictions and you can agree on an even better price.

Deal over the chat

Through the chat you can easily send your location, multiple photos, or agree on details of your service. Quick, easy and simple.

Be in touch

You do not have be still online on RentYourself. Whenever someone writes and your cellphone is in a standby mode, you will receive a notification.

Quick notifications

Be informed of your messages as soon as they arrive. The Notification mode is running in the background, even if you are not currently working with RentYourself.

Work from home or Get a Job

Make Money with RentYourself

RentYourself offers you the opportunity to increase your income from the work that best suits to you. Whether you are looking for just a short-term brigade or the long-term earnings, let the world know about your skills. Whether you’re baking cakes, doing homeworks or teaching languages, your offer will be shown to everyone in your neighborhood who is looking for you.

Would you like to work abroad? Add your offer where you want to work and agree the terms with a new employer. RentYourself is a job offer system in which not only large employers, but mostly the ordinary people, are looking for.

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Earn on RentYourself

Using a mobile phone to find a job has never been easier. With RentYourself, you can earn money in addition to your permanent job.

  • Create an offer of your skills.
  • Add an attractive picture and an interesting text.
  • Give your offer a bargain price.
  • Share your bids on social networks.
  • Chat with potential customers and agree the terms with them.
  • Make money on your skills.
  • Travel and show the world your potential.
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How does RentYourself look like?

Sell Your Skills

Job offers categories

There is no Job category in RentYourself where you would not find what you are looking for. The mobile application RentYourself offers to you the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of Dollars on a monthly basis. Those who have not tried it yet will never believe that money making can also be a hobby if you do it with emotion and love. The options are unlimited, just choose a suitable job category, add your offer and share your experience with the world. From home help, through chimney cleaning service, garden works, to the professional works such as plumbers, teachers, programmers. At RentYourself you will find every profession.

Most used offers

Computer jobs 47%
Household works 44%
Professionals 39%
Teaching 26%

Users experience

Anna, 35, Bratislava

Thanks to RentYourself, I work at the various events and celebrations as a cook. I started with one event a month, today I have a full diary.

Peter, 42, Košice

My goal was to get as many people as possible about my fitness training. And I am very satisfy with the results of my offer on RentYourself.

Marko, 31, Nitra

I have been programming since I graduated, and RentYourself has allowed me to earn an extra salary in addition to my regular employment. In addition I am the master of my time..

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